Japan is home to many delicious foods, but their candies are also famous all over the world for their delectability, unique features, and creative packaging.   

This post has put together a list of options to indulge your sweet tooth. Take a look below for the 14 best Japanese candies you should try! Continue reading to learn about a variety of popular Japanese candies, such as gummies, chocolates, hard candies, and chewing gums.  

  1. Sakuma Drops 

These hard candies are made from real fruit juice with different flavors, including orange, lemon, grape, apple, strawberry, pineapple. Sakura Drops have been made since 1908. To keep the candy pieces from sticking together, each drop is sugar-coated. Also, the candies are packaged in a tin container to prevent melting in Japan’s hot weather.   

Quick trivia, in Studio Ghibli’s Grave of Fireflies, you can spot Sakuma Drops, which play an important role in the plot.  

  1. Fujiya Milky 

This one is for milk lovers. Fujiya’s Milky is a yummy candy produced with natural, creamy milk. The high-quality fresh milk from the Hokkaido area will please your taste buds.   

Besides, it is free of artificial flavors and coloring.   

  1. Meiji Almonds 

Enjoy whole roasted almonds with a mild caramel taste are covered in an equally smooth surface of luscious milk chocolate that is neither too sweet nor too bitter. These chocolate-coated almonds are incredible whenever you want a snack to eat.     

Meiji Almond has been a popular brand in Japan since 1962. It’s sure to become one of your favorite chocolates as well.  

  1. Morinaga Hi-Chew 

Consider tasting Hi chew candy as it is one of the best-selling on the market. This fruit-flavored chewing candy comes in over 170 different flavors. Strawberry, apple, grape and Coca-Cola are the most popular flavors.   

  1. Super Lemon Candy 

Check out this well-known hard candy in Japan. Its packaging stands in bright yellow, designed with comic artwork. Super Lemon Candy’s first taste is very sour. But don’t be put off by the early stage; as you get beyond it, it becomes delightfully sweet!  

  1. Kanro Pure Gummy 

How about some iconic heart-shaped candies? This option comes in a variety of flavors, like lemon and kiwi. While chewing on the sweet and sour powdered gummy’s rich texture, you can savor the authentic fruit taste. Pure Gummy candy also contains a lot of vitamin C and collagen.   

This product is available in a lot of convenience stores and even online.  

  1. Meiji Apollo 

Get this classic candy made of a delicious combination of milk chocolate and strawberry chocolate. Each candy is shaped like the Apollo space capsule! Meiji Apollo comes in a cute, small box widely available at convenience shops and Asian goods sellers online.   

This candy is ideal for individuals of all ages, but it is especially appealing to those who enjoy sweets.  

  1. UHA Mikakuto Kororo Gummy 

Kororo Gummy has a more jelly-like texture and a thicker exterior layer compared to other gummy candies. However, the soft interior part is just irresistible once you chew into it. People keep wanting more thanks to its wonderfully fruity flavors.  

The exceptional plastic round container of Kororo Gummy sets it apart from others. It is a classic gummy candy with lovely packaging that draws people in.    

9. Morinaga Chocoball  

Chocoball is a chocolate candy with a round shape. It started with a typical peanut filling and has now evolved to include caramel, ramune soda, and strawberry, among other flavors! The candy’s mascot, Kyoro-chan, is a small red-headed bird with a yellow beak that gives the box a charming appearance.   

10. Konpeito  

Don’t skip on Konpeito’s hard candies’ delight. These are small, multicolored sugar rock candies in the shape of confetti stars that come in a variety of flavors. Quick trivia, Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away features Konpeito.  

11. Morinaga Ramune Bottle    

If you’re looking for a soda treat, Ramune candy is a great pick. It has the sweet taste of a typical Japanese soda, but it also has the freshness of the flavor. It’s packaged in a ramune bottle-like container.   

Furthermore, this item has been said to improve focus. The candy contains 90% glucose, according to the package, making it an ideal snack for people who need to keep their minds attentive while studying or working.  

12. Bourbon Fettuccine Gummi 


These sweet gummy strips, which resemble thick flat pasta and with a hint of acidity, are sure to be a favorite. Some of the flavors available are cola, grape, cider, and lemon. When you bite into some Bourbon’s Fettucine gummi, you’ll be welcomed with a burst of flavor and a comforting texture.  

13. Lotte Xylitol Gum  

Lotte Xylitol is an oral care chewing gum. Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute with no fructose and lower calories, provides sweetness in this candy. Xylitol is a key component in the fight against tooth decay. Happy teeth and happy taste buds all in one!  

14. Poppin’ Cookin’  

Japan has a lot of surprises and exceptional offerings, just like this Poppin’ Cookin’. It is a candy kit that you have to prepare and cook. There are a variety of kits you can choose from, such as sushi and bento boxes.    

The process is incredibly both fun and easy. Most kits require only the addition of water and food coloring, and then you’ve got candy to eat!  

Wrapping Up  

A candy can pop joy to our taste senses. Japan provides a broad selection of delightful treats, and the options above are some of the best candies loved by many people throughout the world.  All candies are widely available at convenience stores and a variety of Japanese goods retailers online. Plus, they are very affordable, so you can even stock some extra packs!  

Take your pick depending on your preference, or why not try them all! Which one is your favorite? Share your answer by leaving a comment below.