Pizza, burgers, steaks, and vegan cuisine are all known to be popular in certain locations around the world. Another of these cuisines is seafood, and the best fish is generally found near the coast. Fresh fish is prepared with care and seasoned to perfection. Fish can be fried, broiled, grilled, or eaten raw, but foodies can tell when it’s good.

Tuna, salmon, shrimp, scallops, and much more can be found in little fishing towns, seaside cities, and everywhere in between. If you enjoy seafood, these are some of the best travel spots to visit.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Sushi is Japan’s most famous sort of seafood, and raw fish is prepared with care and devotion here. The Toyosu Market in Tokyo is a must-see for any seafood enthusiast. When you arrive in the city, this is ideal for a sushi supper. Consider a private market trip to learn from local chefs or a cooking lesson to develop your own abilities for a truly gastronomic experience. Cedros and Kaikaya in Shibuya, as well as Sushizanmai Tsukijiekimae and Yamazaki in Chuo, are among Tokyo’s best seafood restaurants.

2. Nova Scotia

The white meat of the lobster, dubbed the “King of Seafood,” is hard and dense, with a deep flavor. Nova Scotia is the world’s greatest exporter, with a restaurant named after the phrase “lobster” in practically every town and village.

The lobster season in Nova Scotia runs from May to July, and events celebrating the crab can be found in Shelburne, Digby, and Pictou, making these months ideal for a visit. Because of lobster pounds, fresh lobster is available all year in Nova Scotia. Previously, these were big, fenced-off areas of the ocean where captive lobsters stayed until they were needed, but new technology has led to the construction of massive dry-land holding facilities.

3. Georgetown, Maine

Along Maine’s jagged coastline, the Northeastern region of the Atlantic Coast is recognized for top-notch New England clambakes and lobster shacks. Try a Maine lobster roll with fresh lobster flesh and mayonnaise on a roll. Georgetown is one of the best spots in the region to try freshly caught and prepared seafood. Five Islands Lobster Co., a casual BYOB restaurant on an active fishing wharf on Sheepscot Bay, close to some of the coldest and deepest waters on the coast, is a must-visit in town. Lobsters are plucked from the sea, and fried dishes include shrimp, scallops, and haddock.

4. Seattle, Washington

Washington state is an excellent place to go for king crab, salmon, halibut, and Dungeness crab because the Pacific Ocean is so close. Small seafood shacks, high-end seafood restaurants, and everything in between may be found in Seattle’s culinary center. Tourists flock to Pike Place Market to see fish being flung around from vendor to consumer and sold at market prices. Every year, millions of tourists flock to this massive public market to witness the thrilling scene of local merchants for themselves.

5. Santiago, Chile

Chile, located on South America’s west coast, is a fantastic spot to visit if you enjoy eating. Fishing is a big business in the country, and many different kinds of fish are shipped all over the world. Mercado Central is one of Chile’s largest fresh fish marketplaces and is well worth a visit while in Santiago. Fried seafood empanadas with shrimp, locos (Chilean abalone), and mariscos (mixed seafood mainly with mussels) are some of the local favorites. The eateries here also serve mixed seafood salads and seafood lasagne. Latin Grill, Osaka, and Chipe Libre – Republica Independiente del Pisco are three of Santiago’s top seafood restaurants.