Philippine food holds the second rank in a CNN poll back in 2015 regarding the favorite food destination of foreigners. 

To know more about Philippine foods, continue scrolling down.

  • Tocino – This is usually cook for breakfast . It is the Philippine version of bacon. It is cured with salt , sugar , and spices then fried. This is best paired with egg and sinangag. 
  • Sinangag – is how FIlipinos say fried rice. It has chunks of fried garlic in it too. In making this dish , one can experiment. You may include onion leaves, spam , hotdogs,carrots ,corn etc. Sinangag is a rice dish and very flexible , no certain way of cooking.
  •  Adobo – some say that this is the national dish of the Philippines and indeed the most popular Filipino dish. This dish has vinegar, garlic, onion, bay leaves,black peppers. Sometimes they add chili to make it more exciting to eat. Pork or chicken is the main ingredient. 
  • Lechon – is a whole pig seasoned and skewered on a bamboo pole roasted over charcoal. This would make the outside of the pork very crispy and crunchy while the inside is juicy. 

Its crispy skin is worth fighting for!  

When its crispiness fades , it can be cooked in a different way and be a new dish like paksiw na lechon.

  • Sisig- This consists of  pig ears of course chopped , liver, onion, green and red chili. It is served on a sizzling hot plate with  a raw egg on top. This plate comes with halves of calamansi just so if you want it a bit sour.

Chicken , eggplant and tuna can also be cook in this style .

  • Kare- Kare- It is a stew. Actually a thick kind of stew with oxtail , vegetables with peanut sauce . You can buy the best kare-kare on the North of manila — Pampanga, though it is served all over the Philippines. 
  • Sinigang – is a sour yet yummy soup ! It is made from pork and tamarind. It has tomatoes, garlic, onion and other vegetables.
  • Halo-halo – is a filipino dessert,  it includes various of sweet treat with shaved ice ,condensed milk sometimes also with ice cream, and corn flakes  etc. This dessert  is usually served in a glass so the customer would see the beautiful and colorful layers of the dessert . 

Halo-halo literally translates to “mix- mix” .